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Kids 8-17 years old fly free and have access to free flight education!

The EAA Young Eagles program, launched in 1992, gives interested young people, ages 8-17, an opportunity to go flying in a general aviation airplane.

  • What:  Free introductory flight in Chehalis by a licensed pilot for kids 8-17 years old PLUS free flight education materials and memberships! Donations will be accepted for the EAA 609 Scholarship Fund.
  • When:  During the month of July
  • How:  To book your child’s flight, call between June 27-July 15: (360) 269-4719.  Flights are limited, call soon.
  • Where:  At your appointment, please meet at the Chehalis-Centralia Airport: 900 NW Airport Rd. in Chehalis – Scott Crossfield Building (by the U.S. Flag)

Parent or legal guardian must be present at appointment to sign paperwork

FLIGHT EDUCATION MATERIALS AND MEMBERSHIPS ARE FREE TO KIDS!  The Young Eagle will also receive a free Student Membership at  This free membership is good through the youngster’s 18th birthday and includes EAA Sport Aviation Online, e-newsletters, member-only website, Academy of Model Aeronautics Student Membership, free admission to 300+ science and technology museums, and more!

In addition, each Young Eagles’ logbook has a unique Access Code provided on the back. This code may be used by the Young Eagle to sign up for the Sporty’s Pilot Shop’s free two-part online ground school in-flight training. This course provides the ground school training needed to pass the FAA Knowledge Exam (written exam), which must be taken as part of obtaining a sport or private pilot’s certificate. This training is valued at over $200 and is FREE to Young Eagles.

What Happens Prior to the Flight?
After setting up your appointment, you will meet your pilot at the Chehalis-Centralia Airport at the Scott Crossfield Building. At the appointment, a Young Eagles Registration Form will need to be completed for each child’s flight. The form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian. Parents must be present.

Is there any sort of pre-flight instruction and discussion between the pilot and passengers?
Yes, the pilot will walk the youngster(s) through a pre-flight examination of the aircraft. This is an examination of the outside parts of the aircraft. Once the pilot and passenger(s) are inside the aircraft and properly buckled up, the pilot may discuss the instrument panel of the particular aircraft he/she is flying.

What Happens During the Flight?
During the flight, the youngster(s) is/are encouraged to look out the windows of the aircraft, take pictures and enjoy the flight. If the pilot wants, he/she may let the youngster in the right seat (if he/she wants to) take the controls and do straight and level flying and slight turns. The flights are 15-20 minutes in length.

What Happens After the Flight?
The pilot answers any questions the youngster(s) may have about the flight. The new Young Eagle is given a Young Eagles Logbook. This logbook is an official logbook similar to what pilots use to record their flight time. An entry will be made in the logbook showing the flight that was just completed and will be signed by the pilot. We encourage the youngster(s) to bring back the logbook for other Young Eagles flights and to record other aviation activities in the book; e.g., visits to aviation museums.

The Young Eagle will also be registered in the World’s Largest Logbook, which can be accessed by going to and clicking on “World’s Largest Logbook”.

Our young people are our next generation of pilots and employees in the aviation industry.  EAA wants to show these young people there are opportunities in aviation to them.  It starts with a Young Eagles flight!  We hope to see you at the Chehalis-Centralia Airport!