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The Lewis County Together Task Force has launched the Lewis County Business Recovery Toolkit.  The online toolkit organizes and consolidates guidelines and resources available to businesses as they plan to reopen and rebound from the COVID-19 crisis.

The toolkit focuses on three primary areas for businesses:  preparing the workplace, preparing employees and communicating with customers.  “We recognize there is a myriad of information out there on these topics.  Our goal is to offer a manageable, yet valuable, toolkit addressing the primary needs as businesses begin to reopen,” said Larry McGee, task force leader.  The toolkit includes information on personal protection equipment and sanitizing procedures as well as working with employee needs and customer expectations.  In addition, the toolkit contains marketing tips and best practices, free downloadable signage, and business education opportunities.  There is also a one-page “Quick Tips” guide to reopening. The information is from a variety of sources from coast to coast in an attempt to provide the best information available.

The Lewis County Together Task Force is comprised of local leaders who launched the website several weeks ago.  Groups represented include Lewis County, the Chehalis Community Renaissance Team (CCRT), Centralia Downtown Association, and the White Pass Scenic Byway along with input from several other organizations. “We need our business community to know we are here working days and late nights alongside our partners to provide a rapid response to businesses seeking guidance and answers.  We want to help offer our community its best possible chance to rebound,” said Annalee Tobey, CCRT executive director.  “This resource will continue to evolve as new information and opportunities develop. We already have a list of additional content we are considering.”  This group recognizes there is no easy answer to economic recovery.  “Be sure we are treating this as the marathon it will be for our community.  The issues are complex and frightening for many of our businesses.  If we can provide information to better position our businesses for success – that’s a win.”

The Lewis County Business Recovery Toolkit can be found on Lewis County’s new website, as well as CCRT’s website,  “We want the community to take this information and run with it.  We want to see it on websites across the county in the coming days and weeks.  Every day counts,” said Tobey.

There are more resources on the near horizon.  The task force is already working on the next project offering business support.  McGee stated, “Certainly our efforts don’t end here – if anything – this is the beginning.”


The Chehalis Community Renaissance Team accomplishes projects and activities to make the Chehalis area a more attractive place in which to live and raise a family; to enhance job opportunities and the involvement of youth, so more high school and college graduates choose to live in the area; to increase tourism to support local retailers, hotels and restaurants; and to increase retail business to enhance local shopping.