Ensure Clear Messaging

  • Communicate in a transparent, heartfelt manner. 
  • Be timely about communicating these updates to your customers without overpromising anything.
  • What critical information do your customers need right now? How and where they can purchase products? What is the best way to reach you?
  • Be sure hours and contact information is correct on all signage, website, and social media channels. Stay current to be reliable.
  • Make liberal use of signs, decals, counter displays, etc. to communicate to customers the health and safety measures you are taking to keep employees and customers safe. 
  • Use regular transactional touchpoints as an opportunity to reiterate your message. Whether it’s a receipt, an appointment reminder, or an invoice, use these touchpoints to remind customers of your new protocols.

Utilizing Marketing Tools

  • Think through all customer touchpoints.  Are you meeting your customer where they are at?
    • Website. Update your home page so your reopening plans and protocols are front and center.
    • Social media channels. Create a series of posts for every platform your business uses and consistently push them out. Frequent updates about your staff and operations will show your customers you are open for business and actively addressing their needs.
    • Email newsletter. Craft an email to go out to your subscribers and get the information they need directly to their inbox.
    • Customer service. Make sure everyone on staff knows how to address customer concerns. Your customer support communication strategy could include e a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website.