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Love Local Business in Chehalis

The downtown Chehalis corridor would be nothing without charming shops, festive events, personalized service, or the compassion of a vibrant small business community. During this season of love and new growth, our small business scene deserves some celebration and cultivation of its own. Here are a few easy ways to show love to your favorite small businesses this spring.

Shop Small

The most direct way to support small businesses is to shop with them. Purchase your household goods, clothes, books, groceries, gifts, and more downtown when possible. Not only will you enjoy higher-quality products, but you’ll also receive in return one of the greatest perks of “shopping small” – the caring, personal service from local folks who are eager to help you. Our Chehalis shop owners are always happy to help you find exactly what you need, whether it’s on their shelves or available at an alternate location they can personally recommend.

Ready to love small business in an even bigger way? Pick up some extra gift cards or certificates, so your friends and family can enjoy our beloved shops and local services, too. Or, better yet, allow our local restaurants and venues to host your next date, event, or special occasion. (Here are 5 Local Date Ideas if you need suggestions!)

Share the Experience

There are plenty of indirect and low-cost ways to show your appreciation as well. Follow your favorite small businesses and local creators on social media, engage with their pages, and share their posts. Some of the benefits of doing so include staying up to date on local sales and events, being notified when new products or services are available, and increasing the business’s visibility online so others can find and support it, contributing to the downtown energy you know and love! Don’t forget to leave positive reviews online for businesses you enjoy on social media pages or search engines. Share photos of your experiences and special finds, and tag businesses in your posts when possible. Recommend Chehalis’s shops and services to your friends and family in conversations – everybody loves a personal referral!

Show Up

Downtown Chehalis hosts heaps of fun events throughout the year. Our wonderful local events are often made possible only by the combined efforts of numerous businesses. By showing up, you not only support your local businesses directly, but you return their efforts and demonstrate to others that they’re worth showing up for. Whether you make the rounds and fill your shopping bags or simply pop in to chat with the vendors, creators, shop owners, farmers, or artisans at an event downtown, you directly support the very people who work tirelessly to create a flourishing downtown scene and a thriving local economy. Bring a friend to double the exposure and patronage, or consider getting involved with the setup, takedown, or coordination of Chehalis events. The more, the merrier!

When you support small businesses, you support families and community members, stimulate the local economy, preserve downtown culture and history, and contribute to the fun small-town culture that so many people seek out from near and far. In return, you enjoy higher-quality goods and services and reap the benefits of a thriving small town. So, while you’re celebrating other fun observations this February, we hope you’ll remember to show some love to the small businesses that help make Chehalis such a wonderful place to eat, stay, shop, and play!

Written by Chelsea Barr