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Embrace a New You in Downtown Chehalis

A new year inevitably brings about fresh motivation, aspirations and, for some, new resolutions for better health. Many folks aim to live a more active life or a more sustainable one. Some seek to prioritize more luxurious forms of self-care, and others are simply looking to freshen up their “look.” One of the perks of having a strong community is surrounding yourself with people who care about and support such goals. Downtown Chehalis is prepared to help you find that community, and our local businesses are ready to help you stay accountable to your New Year’s resolutions!

See what services are available in the heart of Chehalis to help you embrace your new chapter:


What better way to directly support your goals than to get yourself a life coach? Jana Dean Coaching & Hypnosis can help you connect more closely with your dreams and help you overcome obstacles along the way. Find her in Marketplace Square on Boistfort Street, or get in touch online.


If you’re looking to add more movement to your life this year, flow right into Lauren Urich Yoga and try a variety of classes to find the one that’s just your speed. Lauren’s yoga studio is located on the ground floor of the historic St. Helens Apartments in downtown Chehalis.

Hair Salons

New you, new ‘do? Chehalis has plenty of stylists who would love to make that happen for you. On Market Street, you can pop into Bliss Salon, next to The Quincy, or Ally Hair Bar across the street, next to McFiler’s Historic Chehalis Theater. Chehalis Barber & Company is just two blocks south if that’s more your cut. On Main Street, you can also find Mahalo Hair and schedule your aesthetic treatments while you’re there (see below).

Massage Therapy

“Chehalins” can also feel good about their massage therapy options, since we have four in our downtown corridor alone! Upstairs at Marketplace Square on Boistfort Street, aching resolution-makers can find some relief with Beautiful Wellness, Breathe Easy Therapeutic Massage, or Buie’s Bodywork. Just a hop and a skip away is Healing Sister Massage on Pacific Avenue, which also offers other forms of holistic care and wellness classes.

Medical Spas

If you’re looking for services that go even deeper to support your health, you can find two medical spas in downtown Chehalis. His & Hers is located on Market Boulevard and Allure Medical Aesthetics shares a home with Mahalo just a few blocks south, on Main Street in Chehalis.

Naturopathic Services

Naturopathic medicine is also alive and well in downtown Chehalis, thanks to Nature Nurture Farmacy. This herbal apothecary and naturopathic provider is found on Market Boulevard in Chehalis and also offers educational workshops and food cultivation support with Project: Food is Medicine.

Nail Salons

Fancy adding a little color and glitz to your monthly self-care routine? Downtown Chehalis has two full-service nail salons available to take care of you and your beautiful cuticles. Find R&R Nail Spa on the first floor of the historic St. Helens Apartments building, or head down the street to Rose Nails or a few steps further to Pema Nails.

Skin Care, Esthetics & Beauty Salons

For other classic beauty services, check out one of downtown Chehalis’s four beauty salons. The Bliss and Beauty Company on Park Street specializes in eyelash extensions. For your skin care and waxing needs, you can visit Get Up & Glow or Spruce Skin & Wax Studio on Market Boulevard. Revival B Skin & Brow Studio can be found in Marketplace Square on Boistfort Street.

Our small town boasts a big sense of community, and there is no shortage of support in Chehalis for your self-care needs or New Year’s resolutions. Plus, when you shop locally for your services, you can enjoy the added benefit of supporting the dreams and goals of small business owners and local families!

Happy New Year from Experience Chehalis.

Written by Chelsea Barr