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Running a restaurant during a pandemic is no easy feat.  There is your workplace to prepare including new signage, new safety equipment and new procedures to keep your employees and guests safe while they dine.  Then there is keeping your employees engaged, informed and supported.  No doubt they have their own ideas and thoughts about their work environment.  And of course, how to attract your guests and provide an enjoyable experience so they keep coming back.  The details are overwhelming, the thoughts are never-ending, and the landscape is ever-changing.

As part of our efforts to keep our businesses open and prosperous, we suggest taking a look at this checklist presented by SCORE Mentors.  SCORE is the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground and grow and achieve their goals. One of our long-time board members, Larry McGee, has served as a mentor for SCORE.  We have great respect for the work they do and the tools they develop.

Another tool we recommend is the Small Business Action Plan, created by Constant Contact.  During the pandemic they have created helpful business tools in addition to their traditional role as an email marketing business.  Download the Action Plan for Restaurants for specific steps you can take to find solutions and protect your business during the coronavirus crisis.

Please remember, CCRT is dedicated to your success as a small business.  If you are running into questions, have concerns, or want to brainstorm ideas, CCRT is here to help.  Confidentiality is always a given.  It’s easy to feel alone and the fear of the unknown takes up more of our thoughts than ever before.  Remember you are part of a driven, supportive community who has no intention of letting up till we put this time in the past. It might be overstated, but we are in this together.